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Ghana has been allocated US$ 226 million for 2021 - 2023

Ghana was the first country to sign a Global Fund grant in 2002. Ghana aims to achieve the 90-90-90 fast-track treatment targets – 90 per cent of people living with HIV know their HIV status, 90 percent of people who know their HIV-positive status are accessing treatment and 90 percent of people on treatment have suppressed viral loads – by 2020. Efforts to provide quality diagnosis and treatment of malaria also need to be sustained. And while TB incidence in the country has declined gradually in recent years, more work is needed to improve TB case detection rates, which remain.

Ghana has been allocated US$226,696,057 for HIV, tuberculosis, malaria and building resilient and sustainable systems for health (RSSH). The allocation amounts for all countries have been determined according to a methodology approved by the Global Fund Board, primarily based on disease burden and income level. Ghana is classified as a lower lower-middle-income country.

Read more https://www.theglobalfund.org/en/technical-review-panel/reports/