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End of year message from the CCM Executive Secretary

The end of year has always been a great time to take stock and reflect on our successes and areas for improvement. This we have successfully accomplished through the stakeholder forum and CCM last quarter meeting. Your engaging participation and commitment to the common good cannot be overlooked.

Our two-day engagement with partners and stakeholders was a great achievement by all standards. Stakeholders, I must emphasize, showed an improved commitment and promise to achieving the goals set for HIV/TB, Malaria and health systems strengthening. We look forward with renewed optimism to achieve better results in 2019 through strategic consensus, enhanced optimization and effectiveness of our available resources.  

The Hon. Minister of Health and the Director General of the Ghana Health Service were particularly reassuring in advancing the CCM mandate and we are grateful for their support in the stakeholder engagement, and other activities over the years.

In an organization such as ours, Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and Development Partners play paramount roles. On behalf of the CCM Secretariat, I would like to commend CSOs including NAP+, TB Voice Network, Stop TB Partnership, GHANET, Coalition of NGOs, Academia Private Sector Professional Associations, and Faith Based Organizations, for their outstanding efforts in moving the CCM to this appreciable level.  Ayeekoo! I have been particularly glad to see the intense and growing commitment of some CCM members in advancing their constituency’s concerns to the CCM.

We know that the task ahead is enormous: reaching out to vulnerable populations and leaving no one behind, meeting our grant targets, further improving civil society engagement and engaging the Government of Ghana towards sustainable funding. But we also know that despite our challenges, we are in a stronger position to make things better. On behalf of the CCM Chairman and the CCM Secretariat I thank you all for your voluntary contributions and commitments. Let us move in 2019 with the hope and resolution that we will be better than today. Our best days, I say, are still ahead.

Best wishes in this season of Christmas!

Happy New Year to ALL