The CCM Secretariat

The CCM Secretariat is established by the CCM to facilitate its work and that of its committees. The CCM appoints an Executive Secretary to head the Secretariat and all the secretariat staff of the CCM. The CCM Executive Secretary is supported by an Administrative Officer, a Programme Officer for Oversight and Communication and a Finance Officer provided by the Controller and Account-General’s Department through the Ministry of Health.

The Secretariat shall facilitate the work of the CCM as defined in the Constitution and detailed out in the Standard Operating Procedures. The specific functions of the CCM Secretariat include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Providing logistical and administrative support to the CCM and its committees during all their activities, including CCM meetings with other stakeholders.
  2. Providing support in the development, review and update of CCM framework documents.
  3. Serving as focal point for the CCM communications with the Global Fund Secretariat and the PRs
  4. Maintaining documentation and archives of the CCM and its committees
  5. Establishing and maintaining regular communication with and building capacity of constituencies to ensure their effective engagement in Global Fund processes
  6. Supporting the CCM in communication with the various Global Fund stakeholders and in processes of information sharing and publicity.
  7. Producing summary reports and information for CCM members to support decision making relating to Global Fund grants

Thereby, the Executive Secretary and the secretariat staff are answerable to the CCM through the Chair and the Executive Committee.