Catalytic Investments

Beyond the allocation of almost 194m USD, Ghana is eligible to have access to a stream of additional catalytic investment funding, also called matching funding. This funding stream aims to incentivize the programming and use of country allocations towards the scale up of evidence informed HIV programs for key and vulnerable populations (3.6m USD) and removing human rights barriers in access to HIV programs (2.3m USD).

To meet the conditions for catalytic investment funds, Ghana must show:

  1. An increase in the allocation amount designated to relevant catalytic investment priority areas, compared to the 2014-2016 allocation period.
  2. At minimum, this designated amount for priority areas should equal (or be more than) the amount of requested matching funds.
  3. An increase in programmatic targets and coverage as a result of the increased use of country allocations and use of matching funds. These increases must be included in the performance framework.  

Two assessments were carried out of which the findings informed the content of the catalytic investment funding request:

  1. Scope and Effectiveness of Intervention Activities among Key Populations in Ghana
  2. Baseline Assessment of Human Rights related barriers to HIV Services

The KP and HR matching funds applications were submitted to the Global Fund on September 24th, 2017. Implementation started in Quarter 3 / 2018.