The Country Dialogue

The Country Dialogue is a continuous transparent open and inclusive conversation with people responding to and affected by either of the three diseases. This means that any stakeholder in Ghana shall have the opportunity to get information on the funding request development and to contribute his or her opinions on the best way to invest the available resources.

The Country Dialogue serves as the basis for the development of the funding request and shall

  • Identify the needs of the people in need
  • Diagnose and remove human right barriers to accessing health services
  • Determine the budget split across the three disease / health systems / community systems strengthening components
  • Prioritize those interventions that will have the most impact
  • Recommend implementation arrangements
  • Identify the funding gap and build resource mobilization efforts.

While the Country Dialogue is a fundamental requirement for any grant application with the Global Fund (CCM Eligibility Requirement 1), it is in Ghana's own best interest to involve a wide range of stakeholders to develop a robust funding request that meets the needs of the people in need. For this reason, the Country Dialogue must be country owned and led.

Stakeholders from the following three groups shall be involved in the Country Dialogue:

  • Development partners
  • Governmental and quasi-governmental organizations
  • Civil society organizations

While most of these groups are already represented on the CCM, the country dialogue is meant to give any stakeholder the opportunity to make his or her voice heard and to directly provide feedback on the funding request drafts and the subsequent program implementation. All stakeholders are encouraged to voice their comments, recommendations or concerns via the CCM member representing their constituencies or directly to the CCM via email.

The country dialogue shall not stop with the submission of the funding requests. It shall be maintained during grant making as well as during program implementation.