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Ghana receives Global Fund 20th Anniversary Torch

The CCM Secretariat was host to the handing over ceremony of The Global Fund 20th Anniversary Torch. This kick starts the caravan activities starting from the 22nd of October to the 5th of November 2021. 

There were speeches from:

  • Program Manager, NACP
  • NAP+ Ghana
  • CCM Ghana
  • UNAIDS Country Director
  • GFAN Africa, and 
  • Global Fund

 The closing remarks by Cecilia Senoo, Executive Director, Hope for Future Generations, and a Global Fund Board member, highlighted the activities to be carried out during the two (2) week period.... 

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Request for Proposal: CHAG HIV/TB CSS

Technical Assistance to Support the implementation of Engaging and Sustaining Over the Counter Medicine sellers/Community Pharmacies in TB Case Finding and HIV self-testing under the NFM3 Community Systems Strengthening (CSS) Program.

Regions of focus and duration of assignment:

Zone 1: Upper west, Upper East, Northern (North East & Savannah),

Zone 2: Ashanti, Central and Greater Accra.

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